Bow is a lifestyle company that designs and produces bags. Their main product, “Quiver”, is a 3-in-1 multifunctional bag (successfully funded on Kickstarter) and they aim to establish strong distribution networks across Asia for Quiver. To help Bow achieve their goals, Maven provides them with our Brand Activation and Business Development services.


Brand Activation


Financial Leverage


Business Development




Maven helped Bow to do business development which we ensured there is zero risk and guaranteed result, and also as an expertise in business development, we made deep connections on behalf of Bow through our existing networks.

“Maven’s Business Development As A Service has taken the load of business development off us as well as the costly risk of hiring an ineffective business developer. Knowing that our business development is in good hands, the time freed up is used to do what we do best – designing products to change the world.” The Founder of Bow said.

Launching event as part of our services of brand activation, Maven brought brand to life via experience and interaction. Thanks to the vast online network we have and the relationships we built with key distributors, Maven linked Bow up with different distributors in various Asia countries including Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore which led to a significant growth of revenue. Simultaneously, we promoted Bow for Bold to some PR articles and was successfully being published.


100% funded in 3 days on Kickstarter

Total of S$60,982 raised and 400% funded in 30 days on Kickstarter

PR articles including: Shape, Travellution, Vulcan Post, Zula, Asian Entrepreneur, SG SME, The Independent

Matched Bow For Bold with multiple distributors in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, and accelerating their sales and growth.