Mr. Farmer is an online grocer which seeks to bring the best ingredients to their customers. Although their products were of good products (ethically sourced and Michelin Quality), they had little success in penetrating the online market. To deal with this problem, Mr. Farmer brought on The Maven Co to help further develop strategies to increase their bottom-line. We had two goals. The first was to introduce Mr. Farmer’s quality products to a wider audience and the second was to encourage bigger repeat purchases amongst their current clientele.


Brand Activation


Financial Leverage


Business Development




Since Mr. Farmer is a new firm which just started in 2016, they inevitably facing a problem that all startup enterprises will encounter —low brand awareness. It means even a company produces high quality products like Mr. Farmer and their Michelin quality meats, however, their sales remain low. To solve this severe situation, Maven proposed two solutions which the overall plan aims to boost their business by raising brand awareness and encourage repeat pruchasing.

Helping them with branding via social media, we partnered the brand with key influencers on Facebook and Instagram which we had found some very influential accounts in food area. With the help of media, we were also able to secure our relationships with PR articles such as Gourmet living and The Peak to ensure Mr. Farmer’s good quality products could be seen by more potential customers and also directly raise their brand awareness. To further enhance their branding, we managed Mr. Farmer’s social media like setting up new Instagram and Facebook accounts, planing a content calendar so that key message and latest information were able to reach more target audiences. Most importantly, we kept posting and interacting with followers, so that we can encourage them to repeatedly purchase.

After executing our plan for six months, amazing outcomes has shown that our plan successfully work— Mr. Farmer’s sales has improved three times more!!! Another amazing achievement also showed on our social media, as we intensively tracking these pages, a rapid progress of the number could be witnessed that within half a year, Mr. Farmer’s followers almost reached 800 and continued to snowball.


We secured a social media promotion in partnership with Singapore Motherhood, where if you shared the post along with tagging 3 meat loving friends, you would be entered for a complimentary meat set, which resulted in one of their most shared posts, garnering over 300 shares.

Our media strategy also comprised of getting Mr Farmer featured on F&B publications and relevant media such as Gourmet Living, Salt Magazine, The Peak and Asian Entrepreneur. We also partnered with food influencers including @woo_alan, @lirongs, @themixtapechef and @cheeserland.

Ultimately, our strategy gave Mr Farmer an increase of 800+ organic followers and more importantly, we tripled their revenue in just 6 months.